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Cleaning Method

People often ask us what we use to clean an oven. Have we discovered a magical cleaning product that you can spray onto the oven and wipe it clean, just like dusting the furniture? The answer is – No, not yet anyway! But we are looking!

The problem with ovens is that your cooking sizzles and splatters and the oil and fat come into contact oven surfaces at high temperatures. These deposits are quickly baked on which is why ovens can be so difficult to clean. The baked on deposits build up with time – especially with modern fan assisted electric ovens.

You can buy liquid, gel and aerosol oven cleaners from any supermarket or household store. A strong alkali, like Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), is the principal agent in most oven cleaning products.

Caustic cleaners work because of a chemical reaction between alkalis with oil and fat. Basically the fats and oils are converted into soap, which can then be washed away with water.

This is OK if the oven is greasy and cleaned often, but not effective when the grease has become burnt and ‘carbonized’. This is why people are often disappointed with the results obtained with household oven cleaners.

Caustic cleaners have other drawbacks too:-

They cause severe burns in contact with skin and eyes.
They emit noxious fumes when heated.
Odours from these products and their reaction to oven dirt are unpleasant.
They can damage the exterior of ovens, aluminium, painted, easy clean or self clean surfaces.

For these reasons precautions must be taken when using caustic cleaners. For example, good ventilation is required to dissipate fumes and odours. Protective clothing such as goggles, gloves and aprons should be worn to protect against body contact with the chemicals.

Our cleaning method effectively removes oven debris without using any caustic or corrosive cleaning agents.

No fumes
No smell
Safe for pets and children.

We use a tried and tested method, which involves scraping, scrubbing, rinsing and polishing. We use physical work to get the oven clean which avoids the need for harmful chemicals to compensate.

Racks / shelves and other removal able parts are taken outside for cleaning, using special equipment in the van.

Where possible, oven doors are removed to get at difficult to reach places.

Baked on build up of splatter and spills are lifted out using appropriate tools and techniques.

The combined effect of heat, steam and our cleaning products softens the grime so it can be scrubbed off using a large amount of  'elbow grease'.

To finish we apply a polish, leaving the oven not just clean, but shining.

On average it takes about 2 hours to clean a standard width oven, usually between 1˝ - 2˝ hours. Ranges and Agas take a bit longer, and more time is needed for Hobs, Extractors, Grill Pans/Trays.